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For sending by mail we ask a contribution in the postage costs.

  • € 1,95 for sending a parcel inside the Netherlands
  • € 3,50 for sending a parcel outside the Netherlands, inside Europe
  • € 6,00 for sending a parcel inside outside Europe

The items are also available during the workshops of Krijn Koetsveld. Postage costs will not be charged when selling items during workshops. In case Krijn needs to travel by airplane, weight is limited and therefore it is not possible to take these items along, or only in a limited number.

The Shekinah CD and most of the books are in the Dutch language. Items in Dutch are not included in this English page of the webshop. If you can read and understand Dutch, visit the Dutch website of the Cobos Webshop.

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Essence of Shekinah: Energetic drops

Product: Energetic drops in bottle

Title: Essence of Shekinah

Developed by: Friedy Wisselink

Distributed by: New Leaves

Description: The most important aspect of Shekinah is the call and challenge to realize your own personal essence. This ‘manifesting yourself’ is often accompanied by feelings of uncertainty, disbelief, struggle of yourself and people around you – things you’ll eventually overcome as time goes on, but in the meantime support is very welcome. The Shekinah energy helps. Besides transferring the energies during Shekinah workshops, the drops of the Shekinah Essence bring the energy too.

The energetic drops “Essence of Shekinah’ were developed by Friedy Wisselink, in her company New Leaves (click on the link to get more information). By working with the Waterfall Essences Friedy discovered her own essence: creating energetic solutions, which she calls ‘Essences’. You can take this in drops and use it in a spray. At first she was quite contented using the Waterfall Essences. Therefore the push to create her own ‘essences’ came out of the blue.

The first essence she created is ‘The Essence of Shekinah’. It was introduced during the second Shekinah festival in November 2009. Friedy: “It was really a surprise to me when Krijn told me that the Essence of Shekinah holds the same energy that he’s working with.”

The ‘Essence of Shekinah’ gives you the Shekinah energy in a simple way, perfect to use on a daily basis. The harmonic synergy of the cosmic and earth energies supports the expansion of your conscious in a beautiful way. This expansion stimulates the manifestation of your personal core essence. That’s Shekinah energy, coming to you in this way by the ‘Essence of Shekinah’, It is there, in every drop.

Design: bottle with 10 cc drops and pipette.

Price: € 10,- (without the contribution in the postage costs; see top of the page).

Ordering: You may order one or more bottles by filling in the order form underneath. See also the details mentioned in ‘ordering procedure’ mentioned below.

Procedure and conditions

Ordering procedure

You order one of more items from the Cobos Webshop by filling in the frames underneath and push the ‘submit’ button.

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If the order is not correct you may cancel the order by answering the return mail.

As soon as your payment is received, your order is send by post to the stated address.

Conditions of delivery

By transferring the all-in amount the customer agrees to these conditions of delivery.

By transferring the all-in amount by the customer an agreement is established between the customer and Cobos. Cobos delivers the ordered item(s) after payment of the all-in amount, following the prices as published on the Cobos website. Cobos reserves the right to mention a changed price in the return mail.

The all-in amount, mentioned in the return mail applies to the agreement.

If the all-in price in the return mail differs from the prices mentioned at the Cobos website, the customer has the right to cancel the order. Cobos expects a notice of cancelling by a reaction to the return mail  

Cobos delivers, after transfer of the all-in amount is received, the ordered items by TNT Post.

If Cobos, in case of circumstances beyond our control, like obstruction during transport, strike, disorders in a company, obstruction in delivery to Cobos and things like that, is not able to deliver the item(s) to you, it will be done as soon as these circumstances are normalizing again.

If an item can’t be delivered for a number of weeks, it will be mentioned on the website as soon as possible, and also to the customer.

If an item turns out to be undeliverable, already transferred amounts will be returned.

No right can be derived from a delay, originating from circumstances beyond our control.

Also see our Privacy Policy.

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You may order one of more items by filling in the frames underneath and pushing the ‘submit’ button. Mail us if you have any questions or remarks.

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