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On this page news about Cobos is published

See the website of Shekinah to read news of this website.

Cobos websites in the English language

The two websites of Cobos have been available in Dutch for a number of years. We are very happy to announce that these websites of Cobos and Shekinah are now available in the English language as well.

We hope and expect that these English pages will support the further expanding of Shekinah. If you’d like to help us and bring Shekinah to your town or country by organizing a course or workshop, please check out this page to see how easy it is.

Essence of Shekinah: energetic drops

New in the Cobos webshop

Energetic drops, the ‘Essence of Shekinah’, give you the Shekinah energy in an easy, ready to use way, ideal to use on a daily basis. The harmonic synergy of the cosmic and earth energies supports the expansion of your conscious in a beautiful way. This expansion stimulates the manifestation of your personal core essence.