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Cobos is the agency that creates and organises activities to bring the methods for contacting the Omnipresent Consciousness to the people. These methods are developed by Krijn Koetsveld.

In the heart of all activities is the recognition that each and every human life has its own, unique purpose, which is connected to the purpose of the whole of creation. When you create this contact, you could call it ‘unity consciousness’. In spiritual groups it is also called ‘enlightment’. Krijn Koetsveld usually calls it ‘omnipresent consciousness’, because of the fact that this consciousness manifests in all shapes and forms; material and nov-material as well.

The existing of this consciousness is already mentioned in many original scriptures of many old cultures. By studying this, Krijn Koetsveld discovered useful practical methods that help to establish and improve this contact. He supports this with energetic methods, which help to expand your consciousness. All this helps you in discovering the true essence of your life and manifesting this in the meantime.

These methods make up a whole during the Shekinah workshops of Krijn Koetsveld. Cobos is co-creating these activities in cooperation with national and local organisers. The courses and workshops are taught in the English language all around the world.

Cobos is also publisher of books, brochures, Newsletters and audio-visual material.

Cobos runs two websites: Cobos (www.cobos.nl) and Shekinah (www.shekinah.nu).


Cobos Agency

Cobos has the following branches:

Cobos Organization

Cobos Organization is taken care of by Krijn Koetsveld in creating, planning and information about the content of courses, workshop and trips.

Information about planning and organization is published in Dutch in the Cobos Newsletter and in English on the websites of Cobos,and Shekinah.

Cobos works together with local and national organizers to create Shekinah events. More information about organizing an event in your country of town you’ll find on this page.

Contact Krijn Koetsveld:

  • by e-mail
  • by phone: + 31742509520, at working days between 10.00 and 13.00 h. CET (Central European Time).

Cobos Webshop

Cobos Webshop sells audio visual materials, books and other articles.

Take a look in the Cobos Webshop.

Maria ter Beek takes care of the Cobos webshop.

Contact the Cobos webshop:

Cobos Accounts

Cobos Accounts is taken care of by Maria ter Beek in all financial aspects and accounts.

Contact Maria ter Beek:


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Look at the homepage to read more about the origin of Shekinah and the founder, Krijn Koetsveld.


In the Cobos Webshop several products are presented. Books, CD’s, Essences and others products.


See the Contact section to read more about how to contact us. Information about the departments of Cobos and people working there is also presented on this page.

Technical questions or suggestions?

If you have any technical questions or suggestion about this website please contact the webmaster Geert Jan Kraan: webmaster@cobos.nl.


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